Educational workshops on recycling, compost, animals, planting trees, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Join us in Mother Nature's Garden May 4th. :-)

Join the fun and learning in Mother Nature's Garden Wed. May 4, 2011.
3-4pm or  7-8pm.
Email to register your child to learn and participate in planting and gardening activities to learn about nature, animals and the environment.
$5. per child or group rates available.
It will open up to them a hobby that will make a positive impact.
All activities demonstrated are easy, fun and a great learning experience.
Lessons include composting, planting, animals, trees, water and harvesting vegetables for food.
Email today for info and to sign up!!

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Growing a better future

Email today to register your class, community group, daycare, playgroup or family for some fun and learning in Mother Nature's Garden.

Beginning April 15th, Mother Nature's Garden is environmentally based learning for kids of all ages. Topics include, but are not limited to
* Composting
*Sheet Mulching
*Planting Vegetables and Plants
*Environmental Gardening
*Animals in and around the garden
*Water conservation

Kids gain hands-on learning in caring for the environment as well as gaining the satisfaction of planting, caring for, growing and enjoying plants and vegetables both at home and in Mother Nature's Garden :-)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Plant a seed today for a better tomorrow...

Email today for info on kids programs and drop in times in Mother Nature's Garden. Learn to reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a beautiful vegetable and flower garden. Learn about water and animals and how to show love and appreciation for the planet.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Composting with Care

Composting is easy way to turn household trash into a rich organic material for gardening. 
Items to add to compost include:
*coffee and filters *tea bags *tissue *toilet paper rolls *left over, burnt, mouldy food *pet hair *dust and material from vacuum cleaner *leather straps and gloves *nut, egg, fish shells *tobacco waste *envelopes, bills, tickets *dead flies *comics *pet hair and droppings *dead plants *wool socks *saw dust *milk products *pencil shavings *shoe soles *pine needles/grass clippings *old spices *post it notes *gelatine *moss *ground rock *feathers *beer *aquarium plants *leaves *soil or earth 

Collect materials in a wood or plastic bin or a hand dug trench, add water. 
It is important to mix and stir the compost once a week. 
For best results, keep a small compost bin indoors which can be dumped into the larger outdoor bin. 
Kids learn to love the collecting of materials, the emptying of the bin, watering and stirring and can take responsibility for these chores :-)